Official Site of Author Gary Lindberg

Gary Lindberg is an author of thrillers and historical fiction. The first two books in the exciting Charlotte Ansari Thriller series, his bestselling supernatural thriller, and his epic historical novel Ollie’s Cloud are now available online.

#1 Bestselling Supernatural Thriller

DEEPER AND DEEPER is Gary Lindberg’s new thriller, and it explores new dimensions — in this case, supernatural phenomena. It’s the riveting tale of a Detroit cop who is killed in the line of duty and comes back to life. But he is different after dying. At first, only his wife notices the difference, but soon whatever has gotten into him seems to be directing his actions. A chilling and provocative read.

#1 Bestselling Thriller

THE SHEKINAH LEGACY became the #1 Bestselling thriller on Amazon two months after launch, and author Lindberg became #4 on the Amazon Movers & Shakers list. On the Shekinah Facts page you can find photographs and images of people who inspired the characters in this highly controversial thriller, actual locations in which the action takes place, and information about the facts and beliefs contained in this book. Feel free to ask more questions about the facts and the story.

#1 Bestselling Techno-Thriller

In its second month of publication, sales of SONS OF ZADOK—the sequel to THE SHEKINAH LEGACY—were outperforming its predecessor. If you read Shekinah and couldn’t imagine where the story would lead next, read this unimaginable sequel.

#1 Bestselling Historical Fiction

As his fourth novel, Lindberg published something very different — an epic historical novel called OLLIE’S CLOUD. It soon became the #1 Bestselling British historical, and the #1 Bestselling Mideastern historical. Inspired by the true story of the birth of a new religion, this riveting tale of two young men going opposite directions illuminates a period in the mid-1800s that many have called the awakening of social and spiritual consciousness for the planet. It is historical fiction that reads like a thriller.

* The dark code that runs across the top of this page is deciphered in The Shekinah Legacy. It is the beginning of a startling message from a woman who vanished thirty years earlier and whose life now depends on the success of a perilous, pulse-pounding mission by her daughter and grandson. Read the book to learn the entire message.