Book 1: A Charlotte Ansari Thriller

Sometimes Everyone IS Out to Get You

International cable TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her Asperger’s son are caught literally in the crossfire of history when terrorists, the CIA, Mossad (Israeli intelligence) and the Vatican all converge in a pulse-pounding search for two relics that could eviscerate Christianity and forever change the balance of power in the world.

Three decades ago, Charlotte’s mother suddenly vanished with no trace. The mystery was never solved. Then suddenly, on the same day that Charlotte’s home is attacked by terrorists, her son receives an email from the grandmother that he has never known. The coded message catapults Charlotte and her son on a dangerous mission to India and Kashmir to find the only objects that can save the old woman’s life. Unfortunately, Charlotte and her autistic son don’t know what they are looking for.

The Shekinah Legacy is a thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown, Steve Berry and James Rollins. In this provocative novel, author Gary Lindberg uses the form of the thriller to explore the limits and perils of belief.

BOOK 2: A Charlotte Ansari Thriller

The Mother of All Conspiracies

Charlotte Ansari, international correspondent for CCN, has a problem. Her investigation into a clandestine society of assassins has made them very angry. And that’s not the most frightening part. Her Asperger’s son, who is now the leader of this global, murder-for-hire organization, has assigned its top-ranked assassin to take care of the problem.

This second book in the exciting CHARLOTTE ANSARI THRILLER series takes readers far beyond the boundaries of the first book. This wild ride moves from New York, to Ireland and the Turkish desert as Charlotte and her unwitting companions attempt to penetrate the greatest conspiracy in history. To solve the mystery, Charlotte and her companions must use super-fast quantum computers, decipher the ancient text of the Book of Enoch, trace the bloodlines of Jewish priests back thousands of years, and explore the buried ruins of the oldest temple on earth. The conspiracy they discover, however, is as modern as today’s headlines. And even more frightening.

Supernatural Thriller

After Jamie Died, He Just Wasn't Himself

While pursuing gangbangers, Jamie Giles’ squad car veered off the road, killing him. But then something odd happened. He came back to life.

Now he has a relationship problem —- with a sinister presence that is inhabiting his body. Hidden deep inside his consciousness are secrets that are taking over his life and attracting the wrong kind of company.

He has only a few days left to get to the bottom of it. He’ll have to go deeper and deeper to figure it out. Trouble is, the only solution may be for him to die again.

Historical Fiction

An Age of Expectation

In the years leading up to 1844, the entire globe, it seems, is experiencing religious fervor. Both the Bible and the Qu’ran have prophesied the coming of a Promised One who would cure the ailments of the world, and the time seems ripe. During these years, two 12-year-old best friends in a desert village in Persia, dream of becoming great mullas and being first to recognize the Qa’im, the Promised One of Islam. But for Ali, son of the local mayor, it is not to be. One night his mother, an English girl enslaved after her missionary parents were killed, packs up Ali and after a breathtaking escape from the harem returns to London.

Suddenly wealthy, Ali becomes “Ollie” and is Christianized, educated, and brought into the family business, the London Times. Unfortunately, a series of heartbreaking tragedies befall the young man in England and America. As he bitterly rages against God and sets out to persecute those who carry out “His cruel purpose,” the best friend he left behind becomes a trailblazer of a new religion that threatens Islam and is savagely persecuted by a brutal Persian regime.

The startlingly different paths of these two best friends finally converge, with each on opposite sides of a climactic armed battle that may alter the lives and beliefs of millions.