Politics and Thrillers

Shekinah-SmI don’t get involved in partisan politics. I vote, but my voting is a private matter. I don’t talk about politics with others. I’ve voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. I have come to see politics as increasingly irrelevant, mainly because our two parties tend to neutralize each other through gridlock. It’s not that the two sides don’t have passion for certain issues — they do. It’s that, for all the ranting and whining and cheap political tricks, important things seldom get done. A lot of heat. Very little light.

Not a bad template for a thriller, it would seem. Lots of heat (conflict, screaming, shooting, running). Unfortunately, a lot of thrillers also have very little light. They’re all emotion, no intellect. The general thinking seems to be that people who read thrillers aren’t interested in thinking. Or learning things. They don’t need a plot that actually makes sense as long as the tension is high enough and the action is fast enough and the “thrills” are great enough. It can all be reduced to a formula. This is most obvious in Hollywood movies today.

I’m sure there are moviegoers and thriller readers who are happy enough with this kind of template. I just don’t write for those people. I’m interested in writing for readers who experience thrills from intriguing story revelations as much as from action and adventure. Who like to “figure things out” as they go along. Who don’t need stories “dumbed down” for them. Who get hooked on ideas as much as gore. Who want to be challenged.

I started writing thrillers, such as the #1 bestselling The Shekinah Legacy, because I was bored with many of the books I was reading. I don’t claim to do it better, but I’m trying to write intelligent thrillers that are actually about something. That will make you think afterwards. I hope you’ll let me know if I’m on the right track.

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